Church of Christ

Welcome to the new Front Door to the Murwillumbah Church of Christ. Thanks for checking out our church.  Please feel free to have a look around and discover what makes this church different to any other.

We believe that God has called us to be a community of genuine and loving people who reflect the missional nature of a loving God in this suffering and broken world.

So, relax, take your shoes off. We pray that you feel as welcome here as you will be when you walk amongst this community of God.

Service Time: Sundays 9:30am

So why us?

Every church claims similar things. They all state things like: we are a bible believing church. We are building God's Kingdom. We teach discipleship.

Yet, each church seems to have a different interpretation as to what the bible actually says, and have a different idea of what discipleship is.

So what sets us apart from the rest? We are on a journey with God. Click here to discover our "heart beat" for a movement of the Spirit of God.